A Programmer

Who Beau is

I'm currently a software engineer at Petal. I have 15 years experience with a variety of languages. I started on the LAMP stack, but have since expanded my horizons with Python, Rust, Golang and React—to name a few.


I've flexed my digital muscles in a variety of ways.

Small Business

Restaurants, Jewelry Stores, Bakeries, Dentists

Relevant Tech: LAMP, VB.NET


U.S. Department of Education

Relevant Tech: LAMP


Pain Management, Disease Awareness, Medical Devices

Relevant Tech: ASP.NET/C#, iOS [Objective-C], LAMP, WordPress


High School & University

Relevant Tech: WordPress, Drupal, Joomla


Backend Services, Statistics Processing, Hi-Volume Data Tracking

Relevant Tech: Python, Docker, MongoDB, Cassandra, Redis

IoT Devices

Backend Services, Dashboards, Concurrency

Relevant Tech: Go, PostgreSQL, RedShift, React


User Experience, Analytics, Workflow Streamlining

Relevant Tech: React, Python


Most of my professional work is protected by NDA, but you can check out my GitHub Account for some examples of my work. (Un)fortunately, many of my public repos are joke projects, but at least I have a fun sense of humor, right? Websites I can safely show off will be added to this page once I have time to display them in a non-sloppy way.